Validating xsd file

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Validating xsd file

There are several different languages available for specifying an XML schema. The primary purpose of a schema language is to specify what the structure of an XML document can be.This means which elements can reside in which other elements, which attributes are and are not legal to have on a particular element, and so forth.

There are historic and current XML schema languages: The main ones (see also the ISO 19757's endorsed languages) are described below.All XML documents must be well-formed, but it is not required that a document be valid unless the XML parser is "validating", in which case the document is also checked for conformance with its associated schema.DTD-validating parsers are most common, but some support XML Schema or RELAX NG as well.The reverse is not necessarily true, as an XML document may contain elements that an XSD parser may not recognize. This can be a problem, as a well-formed document can still contain errors. XSD validating software often catches the errors that XML validating software might miss.

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XSD XML, or the Extensible Markup Language, is a standard or set of rules that governs the encoding of documents into an electronic format. XML defines the structure of the document, but not the way the document is displayed; this is handled by HTML.

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