Nude hookup tonite

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Nude hookup tonite

I know I'm kool ask your mom and your girl friend who wishes dressed with style and not like everyone else.

The 80's player/b-boy style never die...just gets better with old skool playaz like up.

I called Mikes about gettin the leather tie-up & tassles flavors back. Now that the company knows they will sell wit no probs,we should get the flavors back.

Yo, just think the 80s had so much style, today these young cats don't have their own style everybody dresses the same from 13yrs.-45 but in the 80s we had our own style.

Sanders shoes provides the best high end quality playboy shoes in the world. When I rock my leather or seude Sanders Shoes(Playboys) with a leather or suede coat that matches....

I'm showing the young boyz how the old-skool playaz get down.

I used to rock the chams, two-toned burgundy & grey suede british with the calvin's and remember the stradler coat that you could get on delancy...crazy fat!!! Still sell Sanders(Playboys Chukka-with the british flag inside of the shoe)@ 0 a pop but they have a cheaper version like GBX. Every year I purchase about 0(2 or 3 pair of the orginal old-school shoes). I would like to just say it has been a pleasure seeing some of you come into the store and speaking with you guys on the phone.The all white suede and the two-toned rust and brown. He said he told them how many they sold daily, how many orders they had waiting, how many orders they could pay for up front, they said they don't care they are thru wit the shoe.I'm kinda disscusted because I thought that by selling so many pair they would bring back the flavors and we could get it like it used to be but apparently not, damn.Keep ballin playaz from the 80's and show the young boyz how its DONE.Of course we all remember the cortofiel coats, the mock neck shirts, the shelltoe Adidas with the dingy shell, but does anyone remember Martin Brothers on Fordham Road back in the 70's when they sold the Lee jeans with the ONYX patch on the back pocket?

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Peace to my 80s old heads 1luv Citi Shoes on 57th St.

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