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I initially went to yoga because I though it was the ~trendy~ thing to do (and let's be real, I absolutely hate the treadmill and ellipticals are stupid to me).Little did I know that it would become a huge staple in my life, a constant in my weekly routine and an appropriate reason to buy tons of yoga pants.We've fallen countless times and have always gotten up, attempted a pose for 6 months before actually mastering it and usually wake up at the crack of dawn just to practice.So we'll fight for you and never give up on our relationships.While some of us do meditate every day, drink loads of green smoothies, and celebrate each full moon, dating a yoga teacher doesn’t necessarily mean that your apartment will turn into an ashram.That being said, we are a different breed with some ideas of normal that can differ from the general public.There is a good chance that your yogi is meditating, hanging out in Savasana, or otherwise occupied in deep thought when they’re home alone, so you better learn to open doors silently.

From the busy streets of Manhattan to the dusty slums of Kenya, from the golden beaches of Australia YOGAWOMAN uncovers a global phenomenon that has changed the face of yoga forever.

Yoga happens in moments, and you're forced to be present through them all. We take note of the small smiles you give us, love you more for your thoughtfulness, and tell you how much we care more often than not.

Yoga is about good vibes, and we like to share them with people we love.

I guess I should let my boyfriend actually attest to that, but regardless, I think that if you practice yoga, you automatically become better at relationships. Yoga combines calming your mind and controlling your body, and sometimes literally is a balancing act.

So in relationships, they know the importance of couple time vs. We'll let you have your guys' night and make priorities for our girls.

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If it feels like yogis are speaking a different language, it’s because we are.

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